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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I'd Rather Have Flowers On My Table ...

I was lucky enough to win the most fabulous book in a recent giveaway hosted by Debbie on her blog, Serendipity Patch, called The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley.  I don't own many garden-related books and don't profess to be very green-fingered at all but I do love flowers.  I love them in the garden and love them just as much in my home.  I feel slightly bereft if I don't have a pretty posy on my kitchen table, mantelpiece or bedside table.  (Debbie reviews the book on her blog here.  While you're there, do take a few minutes to check out her crochet, it's just gorgeous.  Her spring flower blanket is in my top ten favourite blankets of all time!)

Well, this book has completely inspired me.

Did you know that approximately 80 per cent of the flowers available to buy in the UK are imported and may have travelled up to 25,000 kilometres by the time they reach our homes?  I might be being naive but that strikes me as crazy given that we live in such a green and pleasant land.

I only have a smallish south-facing town garden but I have resolved to grow as many cut flowers as I can this year.  I've made the most of the recent glorious weather and cleared a bed and several pots in readiness.  (Any tips on how to deter next door's cat from pooping in the freshly dug soil will be extremely welcome!  Bertie is more interested in sunbathing than patrolling his territory.)

I hadn't also realised how many of my existing plants can be cut and brought inside, starting very soon with my viburnum and crab apple blossom.  (Look at the colour of that sky.)

Of course, I have been trimming my lilac and using the branches for my Easter Tree, for a few years now.  Last year's.  The year before.  This year's are now in situ, all ready for decorating.

Meanwhile in the garden, I couldn't resist a bit of instant colour so I bought an armful of inexpensive polyanthus plants.

Gosh I love spring.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2012

Better a little late than never, I have finally completed my Scavenger Hunt photos for February.  I must admit I did struggle a bit this month so one or two maybe a little tenuous!

5 inches!

(Couldn't resist including this photo - Bertie is SO not supposed to be on the sofa!)

The Champs Elysees.

TENUOUS ALERT ... Bellini's Madonna And Child featuring three cherubs.  The very nearest to Cupid I could get I'm afraid!!  I took this photo at The Louvre in December.

Our local park last Wednesday ... TENUOUS ALERT ... which also happened to be 29th February of this Leap Year!

The 'leaping' part of Leap Year!!  My son looking like Billy Elliot!

Fried egg on toast - yum!

Corfe Castle in Dorset.

Another view from our lounge window.  The sun was sinking in the sky and it's glow was catching the edges of the heavy clouds - stunning!

Gorgeous card!

My son's keyboard.

One of the treasured trains my son inherited from my late Father In Law, his grandfather.

Roll on March ...


Friday, 24 June 2011

Things I'm Loving ... And A Couple I'm Not ...

So loving my patio rose bush (blooms aplenty - more luck than judgement), particularly with the forget-me-not blue fence in the background ...

Ditto my profusion of marguerite daisies (seriously, there are gazillions of them) ...

Apparently, their unopened flowerbuds can be pickled and used like capers.

Still completely in love with the mindless 'up and downness' of my dear old crocheted blanket ...

(Please tell me it's growing) ...

But hate it when there's not ... quite ... enough ... yarn ... to last the row ...

Love 'less is more' crochet and lavender ...

... and mastering slightly more complicated patterns ...

Adore these african flowers (superb pattern here).

(whispers now in case Mr Purse Strings is listening) Love love loving new dress ... 

Not loving the fact that it is from Marks and Sparks so there is a distinct possibility of bumping into an 80 year old woman wearing the same one!

Really loving this tangle of sweet peas on the kitchen table and it's heavenly fragrance ...

And always loving this snuggable, huggable, kissable snout ...

But definitely not loving the chocolate-coloured spaniel hair and gubbins wafting along the floor like tumbleweed when there's a through draught ...

Hope your weekend is full of things you love.


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thank You x

Hello!  I do hope you're all well this sunny Saturday.

A massive and heartfelt ♥THANK YOU♥ for your comments in response to my last post.  I was completely touched by your kindness.  In fact, a few of you brought tears to my eyes.  I'm not normally one to lick my wounds in public and came extremely close to deleting the post straight after I'd written it, but your supportive comments started to appear which filled me with confidence.

To update you very briefly, we've been to look around the children's new schools and they are both fabulous.  So colourful and creative.  The blondies are thoroughly excited.  You're absolutely right, I think I had underestimated how resilient children can be.

As for the other business, well let's just say I'm stealing myself not to dwell on it.

Do you like my little tree?  Guess what it is.  It's an olive tree!  Blondie daughter and I adore olives and the idea of being able to pick and eat them straight from our very own tree fills me will such pleasure.  Whether or not it will flower and fruit this year, I've no idea.  Apparently they are extremely slow growing.  I shall have to do a little research to find out more.

I pottered around the garden first thing this morning in my dressing gown with my camera.

1. Viburnum  2. Lilac  3 & 4. Crab Apple Tree Blossom

It really is one of my favourite times of the year in our garden.  The viburnum flowers are all nearly open and the smell is heavenly.  The lilac buds are bulging in readiness and the crab apple tree is peppered with pink and white.

I couldn't resist showing you this picture I took of Bertie too - just love his shadow!!!

Well, I'm off out into the garden again now with some crochet.  I've been trying my hand at some amigurumi.  Kate of Greedy For Colour (gorgeous blog if you've not come across her before) has a super tutorial for little Easter Eggs.  There sure are a lot of stitches for something so little!  Here is my first attempt ...

I really rather fancy making half a dozen in zesty colours to hang from my little Easter tree so I'd best 'crack on' (tee hee!).

Enjoy your weekend and thank you again, you are all angels.


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Loose Ends

(Sooo many loose ends to sew in!  Crochet heart bunting in progress based on Julia Crossland's pattern!)

Happy Saturday to you.

I expect a lot of you with children will be languishing in the enjoyment that is a week of half term ahead.  Well, we're coming to the end of ours so homework is being completed, uniform is drying on the radiators and I'm trying not to think about the 6:16am starts. :-(

Anyhow, thought I'd use this opportunity to do a little blog housekeeping and tie up a few loose ends.

Firstly, thank you very much to those girlies offering to take part in my PIF giveaway.  For ease and, I hope, fairness, I shall select the first three:-

Beki at The Ramblings Of An Everyday Mummy
Tanya at Tea Pea
Jackie at Sew Special Bears

Yay!  If you can email me at and let me have your addresses, I shall be sending you something Heathermade in the forthcoming months.

Secondly, one of my very first and bestest blogging buddies, the lovely Kayleigh at Love 2 Illustrate, tagged me with the following seven 'Meme' questions:-

1. What is your favourite book?

Definitely this one ...

2. What is your most treasured childhood memory?

I had a happy childhood and treasure all my memories as they come back to me.  I treasure the memory of the freedom we had, going out for adventures down by the river and returning home only when we were hungry.  I treasure the memory of the constant company of my three brothers.  I treasure the memory of the pebble lino floors and peppery smell of the house we used to rent by the beach once a year and the rose petal perfume I made with my Gran.  Most of all I treasure the memory of always feeling safe and loved.

3. Have you got a favourite holiday destination, and if so, why?

Marbella, Spain.  Sun, beach, wine, clams.  'Nuff said!

4. What is your favourite day of the week and why?

I love Sundays which are very much family days.
Then again, I always enjoy my Mondays when everyone is despatched and the day is my own.

5. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?

Bertie Boo the chocolate working cocker spaniel.

6. What would your ideal job be?

Greg Wallace's on Masterchef.

7. Do you have a favourite artist/designer/illustrator?

Lauren Child is, in my opinion, a genius.  Her illustrations cleverly appeal to children and adults alike.


Nostalgically it would have to be Shirley Hughes' charming illustrations.
I should also like to mention an artist called Lucia Stewart who I discovered some years ago selling her ACEOs (tiny collectable art originals) on eBay.  I adore her style and should so love to be able to paint like she does.  She has since moved to Shanghai.  I'm lucky enough to be the owner of a couple of her originals featuring her wonderful creation, Stressie Cat.

Now I am to think of seven questions of my own and ask them of seven people so ...

Emma-Jayne at My Red Wellies
Val at The Victorians Didn't Even Like Pink
Pally Ali at With Love, Cupcakes & Biscuits
Vanessa at Coco Rose Textiles
Helen at Crafty Helen At Home
Kazzy at A Mermaid's Purse
Vicki at Vintage Vicki

Being a nosey bugger, I should love to know the following:-

1.  Have you ever been in the newspaper?  If so, why?
2.  If you were given £1000 which you had to spend which would be the first shop/s you'd head to?
3.  Is there a skill you wish you had?
4.  What was your favourite sweet as a child?
5.  What is your favourite time of the year?
6.  If you were marooned on a desert island with a celebrity, who would you like it to be?
7.  When did you last cry?

That's all for now.  The uniform on the radiators is nearly dry so, if I can bring myself to bear the excitement, I'm off to iron!


Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just Enjoying A Little September Sun (For A Change!)

See you in October!